Memorials & Civic Memorials In Nutley, NJ

When a friend or family member has passed we are left with a deep feeling of regret. We ask ourselves an infinite amount of what if’s until we learn to live with our loss. One of the largest tasks to be completed is that of the burial. The reason this task is so mentally taxing is because you are challenged to honor your loved one’s entire existence in a single tribute. That being said a memorial is a heavenly way of paying your respects.  In Nutley, New Jersey there is no greater source for all of your memorial and funeral needs.

Artistic Monument prides itself greatly on serving the people of Nutley, New Jersey. If you are considering a memorial for your loved one there are a few questions which need to be answered. In most cases memorials are constructed from bronze or granite. The former is known to have a distinct classical appeal however, granite is known to require far less maintenance. The actual design and shape of the monument is important as well. Are you going to have a picture or text on your memorial? The best way to emphasize text on a memorial is to use a plaque. When considering a plaque placement is the key. Most of the time the plaque is put at the ground or bottom of the memorial. However, in some cases they are placed in the middle or at the top. Furthermore, when choosing a text for the plaque we can inscribe or etch the text of any language of your choosing. These texts can be applied in a wide variety of different styles, fonts, or letterings.